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Come take a tour!

Email or call to schedule a visit, as tours are by appointment. We are conveniently located off of Highway 80.


Cage free, cat only lodging. Private, home like rooms. Large multi-cat rooms, for siblings. Room to climb, hide and play. Room to be a cat!


We have 12 different rooms that vary in size, shape and window view.

 They all have natural light, places to climb and of course places to tuck away and nap. There are some photos on the website. We can always send more, but a visit is very helpful in choosing a room.

All cats need to be in functional carriers while entering and exiting our hotel.

All medications must be discussed in advance of finalizing a reservation.

All cats receive love and attention, if they desire it, at no extra charge. 


We offer a variety of extras, to make your kitty's stay more pleasant!

From cat grass to scratchers, we have extra items to customize your kitty's room to be perfect for them.


We require our boarding documents to be filled out and returned

along with proof of vaccinations.




Gardenia- 20 sq. feet, $55/night, up to 2 cats

Iris- 40 sq. feet, $60/per night, up to 3 cats

Rose- 54 sq. feet, $60/per night, up to 3 cats

Poppy- 64 sq. feet, $65/per night, up to 4 cats

Bluebell- 72 sq. feet, $65/per night, up to 4 cats

Jasmine- 60 sq. feet, $70/per night, up to 4 cats

Pink Jasmine- 60 sq. feet, $70/per night, up to 4 cats


Azalea- 80 sq. feet, $75/per night, up to 5 cats

Tulip- 100 sq. feet, $75/per night, up to 5 cats

Hollyhock-100 sq. feet,$75/per night, up to 5 cats

Dahlia- 96 sq. feet, $80/ per night, up to 5 cats

Sunflower-120 sq. feet, $85/per night, up to 6 cats

Prices listed are for the first cat. Additional cats are $18 each per night.

**A deposit is required to secure your reservation. That deposit is NOT refundable.** 


Cat grass- $5

Scratcher- $15

Medication- Must be discussed in advance.  

Flea treatment-$30, will be given if fleas found

Cat nip- $5

Brushing- $5

Play time- $10 for 15 minutes of active play

Love and Petting- Free. All kitties will receive attention (at their level of desire) throughout the day!


Mau House is now offering in-home care services!

We are offering 1-2 drop in visits daily.

Mau House is cat only at the hotel, but we can provide care for many types of pets in our client's home! Chickens, reptiles, dogs (of all sizes)...not sure? Please ask!

Please email or call to inquire.




2829 Macdonald Ave.

Richmond, CA 94804



We are not always able to answer the phone. We will return messages as soon as we can.


This is a great way to reach us!


Pick up and drop off are by appointment.

We are as flexible as the schedule allows.  


Please be sure of your booking needs, before requesting. We require a deposit to secure your reservation and it is NOT refundable.
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