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***As new information becomes available, we will update our procedures appropriately. ***

Mau House Cat Hotel was designed with both emotional and physical health, of our feline guests, as our top priority.

From the beginning:

-Cats are housed in separate rooms. They have no contact with any cat, from a different household.
-Cats have the opportunity for play time, outside of their room. The area for playtime is kept clear of any items that cannot be sanitized. All surfaces can and are disinfected with veterinary hospital grade cleaner (Rescue).
-Hands are washed after each interaction with a cat, for feeding, litter box cleaning and petting/play.
-Upon the departure of a feline guest, their room is emptied, swept , mopped and all surfaces are then disinfected with Rescue. All bedding is machine washed. All items (chairs, shelves, tables) are washed and then disinfected with Rescue.
-All door handles (both inside and out), desks, counters and chairs are disinfected regularly.

In response to COVID 19:

-Contactless drop off. Cats must be in a plastic or cloth carrier, no cardboard. Cats will be dropped off at the door, their human will not enter the building.
-Cats in their carrier will be taken directly to their room. 

-Limit personal items brought in
-All documents required for boarding will be submitted electronically.
-All door handles (both inside and out), desks, counters and chairs will be disinfected daily.

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